Preparing a home for cats

To raise kittens at home, it is imperative to provide a safe place for them to feel comfortable, and this place should not be separate in the house; It may be an empty closet or a corner of the bedroom or a room that is rarely used in the home, and cats may choose at the beginning of raising them at home to mix with their owner and members of his family, and in all cases the decision must be left to them at the beginning to mix or to stay alone, and it may take Time to socialize with humans, but in the end she will be friends with them.

Feed the cats

Newborn cats feed in the first four weeks of their life on their mother’s milk only, and in the event that young children are brought to be raised at home without their mother, then it is necessary to consult a veterinarian or a specialized shelter with experience in cat matters to work on bringing a large cat that can breastfeed the young and take care of them instead From their mother, and in the event that this is not possible, the veterinarian should be asked about the correct way to prepare milk for the young and how to breastfeed them, and also avoid bringing cow’s milk to cats of any age. It is not easily digestible and may cause diarrhea in cats.

When the kittens reach 3-4 weeks of age, they can start feeding them a milk substitute that is presented to them in shallow bowls, and then move on to providing moist and easy-to-chew food to the cats; Like the porridge prepared from a warm milk substitute, or high-quality dry or canned foods, cats are usually fed several times a day during the first five weeks of their life until they become accustomed to the new diet, and the kittens are usually weaned before they reach 8 weeks.

Providing water to cats

It is necessary to provide clean water for cats at all times, and allow them to drink at any time they want, because dehydration may cause severe diseases to cats, and it is desirable to put the water in a small container that is replaced daily. In order to attract cats to drink from it, and the place of water must be kept away from the cat’s food and the place to eliminate their need, and in the event that the cats are noticed away from the water and not drinking, this means that the water is not clean or the container used is also