Cats are small carnivorous mammals that are very pet friendly and can be raised indoors. Cats are distinguished by their thick hair, large numbers, and the speed and abundance of their reproduction, and they have more than 70 different breeds. She has a strong, flexible and fast body, and she is quick to react. It has strong claws and teeth that enable it to prey on small prey. Cats have a strong sense of smell better than humans, and they can see during the night, but they cannot distinguish between all colors, and they see the world in a less accurate way than humans, and they can hear sounds of lower and higher frequencies than the sound frequencies that humans hear.

The Shirazi cat

The Shirazi cat or Persian cat is a breed of cat that is distinguished by its long hair and round face. The origin of this type of cat comes from Iran, then it was transferred to Europe in the seventeenth century, and then spread throughout the world. The hybridization and multiplication processes in Britain allowed the production of strains of different colors, but at the same time this matter led to the emergence of flat-faced strains and the spread of kidney diseases in other strains.

The Shirazi cats are the second most popular cats in the United States, according to the Animal Breeders Association. The length of the Shirazi cat is 60 cm, its moderate weight is 4.5 kg, and its age is 19 years. Shirazi has several types and special colors after the hybridization processes that are subjected to it; Some of them are white, which is the original color, gold, black, and brown. The feet of the Shirazi cat are shorter than the feet of regular cats. The Shirazi cat has a very calm mood, loyal to its owner, and loves to play greatly. Also, the hair of the Shirazi must be preserved, cleaned and combed so that it is not a place for parasites and insects to spread inside it.

Breeding Shirazi cats

Cats are one of the most favorite pets around the world. Because of their gentleness and lightness of the strong bond that binds them to man, dogs and cats are considered among the most selective animals around the world. The Shirazi cat is distinguished by its extreme beauty, striking shape, and attractive colors, including black, golden, white, and gray, as well as with beautiful eyes, very attractive and with wonderful colors, including blue, cyan, copper-brown, gray, and gray And orange and others. However, raising the Shirazi cat is a difficult task. He needs daily care, and most of the time is to take care of his hair. It should remain soft, untangled, and clean all the time. And combing the hair of Shirazi daily and calmly, as for showering at least once a month, and use a special shampoo for it or baby shampoo if this is not possible.

The corners of the eyes must be wiped daily to prevent the formation of stains, and it is preferable to use a toothbrush to clean the teeth and gums to avoid gum disease, and if this is not possible, they can be cleaned once a week is better than nothing. These cats cannot live outside the walls of the house, as they are exposed to great dangers outside and may die because of their dirt sometimes. She may also be exposed to theft due to its high price, so she should not be left alone when going out for walks with her and playing in the open air. As for the food, the Shirazi cats eat either canned food or home food, and if the cat’s weight increases and the breeder wants to reduce it, the amount of food provided to the cat must be reduced, and it must be manipulated to increase its activity, specifically in the summer where the laziness increases and the cats sleep for hours It is long, and needs to be revitalized.

It is possible to train the cat on his name to answer the call when called, and it is not permissible to hit the cat if he is mistaken. It is possible to shout at him or scold him, and he must be kept clean and healthy, and his hair and nails trimmed, especially in the summer season, and in the event that the cat suffers from any health problems, it is necessary to review the veterinarian for examination, examination and treatment, and the veterinarian must be visited periodically To check on the cat and its health.