Cat diseases

Cats are pets that some people like to possess and raise at home, and cats, like humans and other living creatures, suffer many diseases and health problems, and their breeder must take care of their health condition in order to ensure that they are afraid of infection or damage, and the most important of these diseases are the following:


It is the cat’s inability to move; As a result of the presence of pain in her joints.

Causes of injury:

Getting old.
Specific injury or accident.

Symptoms of infection:

Inability to get up.
Trying to move a lot; In order to warm the joints.
The condition worsens, especially in cold and humid weather.


Initially, try to warm the cat using any method.
Reduce the weight of the cat; To relieve stress on joints.
Consulting a veterinarian; To prescribe the appropriate medication, often anti-inflammatory drugs.
In addition to avoiding giving the cat any substances that contain vitamin “A”; To avoid poisoning him, such as fish liver oil.


Cats also become blind, a disease that is difficult to detect or pay attention to quickly. Because cats use other senses to adapt in their lives, such as hearing, and they also depend on the mustache.

the reasons:

The presence of glaucoma in the eyes.
Old age.
Disorders of the retina.
The presence of tumors in the eye.
Kidney and thyroid problems.
High pressure and the resulting problems in the retina, such as a tear, in addition to a very rapid loss of vision.


A veterinarian should be referred to for the necessary tests, often as a blood test.
Try to keep the cat indoors.
Avoid changing the features of the house, especially with regard to furniture. Because cats keep places and get used to them.
The necessity for the cat to be present next to her food bowl in the same place; To avoid her mobility.



A runny and stuffy nose accompanied by tears in the eye.
Frequent sneezing.
Not eating food; As a result of loss of appetite.
Infections in the mouth, specifically on the tongue.


First, you must ensure that both eyes and nose are clean, and this is done using wet cotton balls.
The need to put the affected cat in a room with good air and sun ventilation.
Clean the cat’s scalp on a daily basis. To get rid of any germs or dirt.
Feed her warm food such as sardines, and try to make her inhale warm steam to relieve the cold.
However, if you do not notice any improvement in the condition of the affected cat, it should be referred to the veterinarian. Because the flu in cats may develop into dehydration.

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