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The cat is a pet that a lot of people are keen to raise, and although it is a cute and sweet being, the odds of the person raising it being scratched or scribbled while its caress is to be expected. In the event of a scratch from a cat on the street, you should go to the nearest hospital quickly, to take the preventive serum, but in the event of exposure to scribbling from a domestic cat, you must first identify the degree of wound caused by the cat. If the wound is recessed and strong, you should go to the hospital. If the wound is minor and shallow, there are some home remedies that can be done.

Cat Scratch Treatment

In the event of exposure to cat scratching at home, take some necessary steps to avoid infection with any of the dangerous diseases, and these procedures include the following: Washing the place of scribbling with running water and soap for half an hour continuous. In the event of a slight bloody bleeding, the wound is pressed, using a piece of cotton after being immersed in an alcohol disinfectant to get rid of any bacteria that might cause the infection. Use an antibiotic ointment on the site of scratching. In the event of continued bleeding or severe pain, refer immediately to a doctor or to the nearest hospital.

Cat Scribble Serum

This serum is a titanos syringe that is given to a person who has been exposed to a cat scratch. It is similar to an injection that is used in the event of exposure to a dog bite, to avoid catching serious diseases or catching a rabbit. Noting that there is an anti-rabies serum that a person takes once in his life, if he does not take it, he is vulnerable to rabies if he is exposed to a cat scratch or a dog or any other animal.

When is cat serum taken?

The serum of cats or dogs is taken in the event of exposure to a cat scratch or a dog bite, and the wound is deep and sunken, even if it is a domestic cat, and care must be taken to take the serum in the event of exposure to a cat scratch from the street of unknown source, to avoid the transmission of any serious diseases .

Sclerosis transmitted diseases

One of the most prominent diseases that is transmitted by the cat scrabble is a disease called “cat scrabble”, a disease that is transmitted by scribbling cats full of fleas, by bacteria called Bartonella bacteria. Where the flea carrying the disease some cat, and thus the disease is transmitted to it, where bacteria are transferred to the cat’s saliva, and then to all parts of its body, including claws, which transmit the disease to humans through scribbling.

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