Dog pregnancy period:

The female in dogs after the ninth month of her birth and thus becomes ready and ready for mating and pregnancy. The date of fertilization in a female dog is after her seventh menstruation period. The period or period of pregnancy of dogs ranges between 58 days to 63 days, and the female can give birth on any day in this period.

Signs of pregnancy in dogs:

There is not yet a laboratory or laboratory examination that helps determine the presence of pregnancy or not in the dog and is the only result followed and guaranteed by 85%, is the palpation of the female dog’s abdomen in the period between the twenty-fifth day and thirty-fifth day of pregnancy there are also X-rays, which reveal the presence Pregnancy After 45 days of pregnancy, the female shows several changes and signs that indicate the presence of pregnancy and can be divided into two types: “physiological changes, and behavioral changes”

Female physiological changes during pregnancy:

The observed increase in the female weight after the fifth week of pregnancy, and an enlarged abdomen size can be observed. After the thirty-fifth day of pregnancy, we notice a clear increase in the size of the mammary glands in preparation for breastfeeding, and it continues to increase before the date of birth.

Female behavioral changes during pregnancy:

Noticing the change in the behavior of the pregnant dog in the last weeks of pregnancy begins as follows:

It is observed on the female during the last days of pregnancy that she prefers to retire far showing signs of anxiety and discomfort whining moles are light, and panting more quickly than usual The female begins to build and equip her own place which It is called nesting in preparation for delivery. You may use a blanket or similar in the last two weeks. The dog becomes very disturbed and it is advised that children do not approach her.

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