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Cats are pets that some people like to possess and raise at home, and cats, like humans and other living creatures, suffer many diseases and health problems, and their breeder must take care of their health condition in order to ensure that they are afraid of infection or damage, and the most important of these diseases are the following:


It is the cat’s inability to move; As a result of the presence of pain in her joints.

Causes of injury:

Getting old.
Specific injury or accident.

Symptoms of infection:

Inability to get up.
Trying to move a lot; In order to warm the joints.
The condition worsens, especially in cold and humid weather.


Initially, try to warm the cat using any method.
Reduce the weight of the cat; To relieve stress on joints.
Consulting a veterinarian; To prescribe the appropriate medication, often anti-inflammatory drugs.
In addition to avoiding giving the cat any substances that contain vitamin “A”; To avoid poisoning him, such as fish liver oil.


Cats also become blind, a disease that is difficult to detect or pay attention to quickly. Because cats use other senses to adapt in their lives, such as hearing, and they also depend on the mustache.

the reasons:

The presence of glaucoma in the eyes.
Old age.
Disorders of the retina.
The presence of tumors in the eye.
Kidney and thyroid problems.
High pressure and the resulting problems in the retina, such as a tear, in addition to a very rapid loss of vision.


A veterinarian should be referred to for the necessary tests, often as a blood test.
Try to keep the cat indoors.
Avoid changing the features of the house, especially with regard to furniture. Because cats keep places and get used to them.
The necessity for the cat to be present next to her food bowl in the same place; To avoid her mobility.



A runny and stuffy nose accompanied by tears in the eye.
Frequent sneezing.
Not eating food; As a result of loss of appetite.
Infections in the mouth, specifically on the tongue.


First, you must ensure that both eyes and nose are clean, and this is done using wet cotton balls.
The need to put the affected cat in a room with good air and sun ventilation.
Clean the cat’s scalp on a daily basis. To get rid of any germs or dirt.
Feed her warm food such as sardines, and try to make her inhale warm steam to relieve the cold.
However, if you do not notice any improvement in the condition of the affected cat, it should be referred to the veterinarian. Because the flu in cats may develop into dehydration.

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Cats harm to girls Thu, 29 Oct 2020 16:06:59 +0000 the cats

Cats are animals from the mammalian family, and are distinguished by their beauty, softness of their fur, and multiple colors, and there are two types of cats; Wild cats and domestic or domestic cats, and domestic cats are considered one of the most common pets that are raised at home, due to their small size and ease of handling, as their weight does not exceed ten kilograms, and cats love to play and entertain, and they are skilled at chasing, and creating an atmosphere of fun in The house in which you are, just as you form a guard animal in the house of mice or snakes, and it is believed that the origin of these domestic cats, with their various types and strains, is due to the wild cats that were tamed from the time of the Pharaohs, but there are many questions related to cats, and perhaps the most common is : Are there any effects of cats on girls, and this is what we will answer in this article.

Cats harm to girls

There are many problems and diseases that cats may cause to humans in general, namely:

Fungal skin diseases: Research and studies have shown that 40% of cats carry the “fungal herpes” disease, which they transmit to humans through touch, as it is represented by the appearance of red spots on the skin, which expand over time.
Infection with the rabies virus: If this virus infects animals in general, it will lead to their death because it destroys the nervous system, as well as if it is transmitted to humans, as it is transmitted from animal to human by biting, this is in addition to staph bacteria and Pasteurella that are transmitted in the same way But it is treatable.
Infections in the lymph nodes, which are sometimes accompanied by a high temperature in humans: This is done through human exposure to scratching by cats infected with a type of bacteria known as Bartonella, which in turn is transmitted to cats by fleas.
Infection with feline disease: It is caused by toxoplasma bacteria, which is transmitted to cats by eating food contaminated with them, and it poses a great risk to a pregnant woman, who may be subject to miscarriage.
Digestive problems: There are some cats that carry salmonella bacteria, which cause diarrhea and vomiting, in addition to Helicobacter pylori, which leads to stomach ulcers.
Infection of eyes and tonsils: through some microbes carried by some cats, which may be transmitted through contact with cats.

The previously mentioned harms would affect both sexes without exception, but the greatest harm that affects girls in particular is to have toxoplasmosis, which leads to miscarriage in case of pregnancy and lack of immunity

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How to raise small dogs for beginners Mon, 26 Oct 2020 16:08:07 +0000 It is preferable to buy a puppy dog from the age of two months to three months until the character and its system are recognized because the adult dog will not have the ability to tame it or learn about his style and lifestyle. Therefore, it is preferable to buy a puppy and distance from large dogs, which will not allow the presence of the Owner of it.

Types of small dogs

Their beauty and softness characterize small breeds and types of dogs as many people want to raise them, especially girls due to the ease of raising it, and therefore the puppy or small dog is any dog ​​whose average weight is less than 10 kg, and its body height is less than 45 cm. One of the most popular types and breeds of small dogs is the Mexican Chihuahua is a dog that is highly intelligent and fierce, as there is a type of Icelandic dogs called Pomeranian due to the significant similarity between it and his owl, which is a very loving pet that loves to play and move and is never afraid. There is a type of dog called beige, which is one of the ancient breeds, and we find another kind called Shih Tzu, which is characterized by its soft fur, and it loves pampering, attention, and care. This type also loves to play and play and that his hair is brushed.

The beginning of the dog at home

The puppy is very similar to the little boy, as he needs great tenderness, kindness, and intense love at first. The dog will be terrified because he is in a strange place among strangers, but after about a quarter to half an hour has passed, we will find him starting to move around and cursing at a thing. The puppy will begin sniffing all the private chairs and furnishings in the room where you are located. You should not let an amateur except to make him discover with all comfort the place, even if this place is not his place of residence and stability.

Puppy Food & Drink

He should not be given food or water as soon as he arrives, but he must get used to it. His dread will be broken and then start playing with you, therefore, after about an hour after he arrives at your home, food will be served to him, making sure to place the food in the place of his housing, but the time for eating his food he eats about four times a day and makes simple meals because he is still young.
It is preferable not to overburden the puppy in play and frequent movement because it resembles a small child and therefore must remain in his house and that this hostel contains good lighting with proper ventilation and does not have moisture, as the place must be resident on an old walkway and under a piece of cardboard so that it does not He sleeps on the tiles.
A container must be placed for him to have water and be clean water with this water changing during one day from four to six times and throughout the day you will find the puppy howling and making sounds and may continue for several hours in a row, must not respond to it or issue any position towards it but rather must Quit it all together. Those consecutive screams will last for three to four days.

Ways to care for a puppy.

Dogs must be vaccinated immediately after raising them, i.e. bathing them, and then they are given a vaccination against insects, worse or not. The vaccination is in the form of injections that are sprayed on the back and neck and are anti-insects and fleas. As for worms, we find tablets and drinking that are taken daily for a week every month Even protecting him from diseases caused by worms. It is given injections, medications and spraying through a veterinarian or in a pharmacy with a department dedicated to animal welfare, you can know whether or not there are insects in your dog’s body by bathing him with shampoo while drying his body with the towel designated for him and searching in his hair and ear and between his fingers and under his armpit.

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The language of cats and their movements with humans Thu, 22 Oct 2020 16:37:31 +0000 Cat language is a complex mixture of facial expressions, tail placement, ear position and other forms of body language In addition to smell and sound, cats learn to ask us to observe which of their voices cause human responses.

Ways to understand what cats say

Some cats (such as oriental breeds) are vocal and have extensive vocabulary, while other cats rarely speak, but we can say that they do not speak at all, and have a meowah that covers all the rules. Whether your cat makes a sound or not, it will be artistic in expressing to you its feelings through body language, which is an essential element in its interaction with you and other animals by controlling both its body and its voice, you can learn to distinguish between saying “feed me” and “help me” And other things the following words are fairly common when learning how to talk to cats:

  1. Short Meow: You mean “Hey, how are you?”
  2. Multiple times meow: It means “I am very happy to see you!” where have you been? I miss you!”
  3. Meow with a medium tone: It means calling something, usually dinner, to treat it, or leave it outside.
  4. Meow like:! Mrrraaaaaoooow: Have you forgotten to feed me, want to eat or hungry now or similar order?
  5. Low-pitched mraaooww: your criticism of your neglect, failure to present the things you like, or a similar complaint.
  6. Sound like Purr: often a sign of complacency, but can also be used as a pain or fear instinctive response to mask weakness from predators.

How you can communicate with cats through body movements

First, the ear:

Cats use their ears to express emotion, and in general, the more the cat’s ears increase laterally and backward, the more their feeling of excitement or anguish, but if the ears are background with its “hiss” or criticism, it is a sure sign that your cat feels threatened or does not like that you do.

Secondly the eyes:

Cats communicate through their eyelids how they are open or closed as well as with the expansion of the iris (the black part of the eye), sudden expansion (enlargement) of the iris due to sudden excitement that may be caused by fear, interest or any other strong feeling. The pupil’s capacity indicates joy and intense enthusiasm for playing, fear or feeling threatened and aggression. If your cat looks at your eyes, this means that he feels comfortable and at ease with you. Hidden eyelids slowly indicate your cat is satisfied with you and show him some passion and love

Third, the tail:

A cat’s tail refers to interest, affection, excitement and more, the height of the tail in addition to movement has the meaning of the anomalous tail is usually a signal to keep the distance of the tail swinging back and forth a sign of play. Lifting the tail straight and ending it is a sign of happiness and reassurance. Moving the tail in a tense way means that your cat is very excited or anxious. Sticking to the tail’s hair in a needle-like shape means your cat is excited or feeling threatened. Swinging the tail too much means the cat is excited and very happy. Tail and nose shaped tail is a sign of intense aggression, and you will notice this hostility often while fighting with a cat or other animal.

Fourth: Fur:

A healthy, calm cat’s fur settles smoothly on the body, cats are self-grooming animals which means that the fur condition can tell you a lot about animal health. Crude fur can indicate poor health, and should not be ignored especially when it is accompanied by other symptoms, such as lethargy, or Vomiting.

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Dog Pregnancy & Signs of Labour in Dogs Wed, 21 Oct 2020 16:16:45 +0000 dogs Mating

Dogs can mate after almost six months of age, whether for males or females, but there are types of dogs that cannot marry only after one year, and there are vast types of dogs that weigh about 70 kg need to reach two years at marriage. Dogs marry twice a year as female dogs have eggs ready for Fertilization only twice a year, and some dogs marry only once a year and not more than once. When a female dog is prepared for Fertilization, they mate from more than one dog to ensure Fertilization’s confirmation during a short period.

Duration of carrying dogs

Female dogs after their birth in the ninth month become ready and ready for marriage and pregnancy, as the date of fertilization in a female dog after about the seventh menstruation for her, the period or period of pregnancy is about between 58 days and 63 days where a female dog can give birth during that period.
As for the number of small dogs that are born varies according to the size of the dog as they are divided into large dogs and small dogs, for large dogs they give birth to about 12 puppies, while small dogs give birth to about four to four puppies and those dogs are called dolls.

Signs of pregnancy in dogs with changes in them

There is not yet a guaranteed method such as a laboratory or laboratory examination that tells us about the presence of pregnancy in dogs or not, but we can identify the presence of pregnancy through a guaranteed and accurate method palpation of the female dog’s abdomen in the period between 25 to 35 days of pregnancy, there are X-rays which are One of the most good ways to detect pregnancy is after 45 days of pregnancy.
There are two groups of changes that occur to the female, whether physiological or behavioral changes, and therefore we will begin with physiological changes by increasing the female weight with an enlarged abdomen size in the fifth week of pregnancy, a significant increase in the size of the lactating glands on the 35th day of pregnancy in preparation for breastfeeding.
These mammary glands continue to increase in size, especially before birth, as the mammary glands increase in size with the appearance of milk in the breast, as a form of predisposition to excrete in order to breastfeed.
As for behavioral changes, we notice a female dog during pregnancy with complete isolation, especially in the last days of pregnancy with the appearance of signs of anxiety and discomfort, she panting more than usual, besides she moaning in light groans.
The female dog may use its own building and prepare it as a preparation for giving birth by using a blanket, but in the last two weeks of pregnancy we find the female dog becomes very disturbed and therefore we advise children not to approach them definitively in that period.

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Types of cat sand and how to train them on it Wed, 21 Oct 2020 16:02:31 +0000 Types of cat sand

Lumpy sand

Sand that is safe for cats, especially small ones, is sand made from large and coarse components such as pine balls, which are written as safe sand for small cats on packages for sand, as some sand is not suitable for small cats as the sand is made of small clusters that can be eaten by young cats Which leads to problems in the digestive system. Block sand is good for reducing the smell of litter and is liked by most other cats, and it is more expensive compared to loose sand.

Non-caking sand

Sand that contains small dust may cause harm to the health of the kitten’s lung, which may lead to respiratory problems as well. Cat sand that consists of lumps facilitates cleaning of this quality and needs to be replaced at a lower rate than other types. It is also inexpensive and may be completely saturated with urine, causing you to have to change and replace it frequently.

Vegetable or degradable sand

It is that sand made from pine or grains of wheat or corn, which helps more to get rid of unpleasant and unpleasant smells, and this type of sand does not lead to the emergence of severe waste and a lot of soil like the rest of the sand and thus the original vegetable sand is the perfect choice for small cats, especially Those with respiratory problems.

Sand made of crystal or silica gel

This type of sand is highly absorbent as it absorbs urine, moisture and unpleasant odor, but once the crystal is saturated with all of these components you will need to replace the sand completely.

How to train cats in a sandbox

Knowing the cat’s needing times, and thus heading to the appointments beside the box. Playing next to the box so that you can fulfill your need with it, just by playing, for example, or making an effort. In the event that the cat does not automatically learn to fulfill its need, it must be taught by using the sand with your hands and removing it with a litter and then burying it with your hands, which makes the cat learn from you.

How to clean a cat sandbox

Remove any blocks in the box

Removing any clumps consisting of urine or feces through the use of a sand shovel made of metal or plastic, so keeping the box with waste-free in an integrated manner, prevents the spread of any unpleasant odors and encourages cats to use the box with comfort.
The litter should be removed at least once a day or more than once, especially if you have more than one cat, making sure to clean the litter completely. Clean the shovel to prevent the spread of bacteria. Cleaners.
In the event that you are using sand made from biodegradable plant materials, caution must be taken against clogging drainage pipes. Gloves should be worn when cleaning the box with the necessity of washing hands after cleaning the box for cats.

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Information about dogs that you do not know Thu, 15 Oct 2020 15:53:30 +0000 Dogs have the ability to detect some diseases

Several studies have proven that dogs have the ability to detect diabetes and cancer, because dogs have a superior ability, which is the sense of smell that makes them able to detect diabetes or cancer, through breathing and urine samples. And also its ability to detect the level of sugar in the blood, and there is a service, called “dogs warning against diabetes” whose function is to warn the owners of these dogs of the disorder of the blood sugar level before it reaches dangerous levels.

Belgian “Malinoys” dogs are part of the intensive training of the navy

The Navy relies on the “Malinus” breed and trains these dogs vigorously and rigorously. In the same way it trains humans and one percent of these dogs can train for 15 hours a week. They can jump from planes and can also use umbrellas. This is one of the most famous dog species in the world, and therefore you will not find it easily in regular stores, so you should go to some company to buy it.

Dogs urinate against magnetic fields

Some experts in zoology have established research centers and done many recent studies that have led us to believe that dogs have a high ability to feel the electromagnetic fields. She also loves to urinate in the parallel directions of these areas, and more than seventy dogs of different species were examined within two years, during which she demonstrated that dogs attract electromagnetic fields. Therefore, the path of the electromagnetic fields can be determined easily through the presence of dogs, thus obtaining a dog that is not only for breeding or guarding, but you can also use it in your work.

Dog IQ is the same as intelligence for a two-year-old

According to scientific studies that were based on the linguistic development of animals, they found that dogs have an IQ equal to that of a two-year-old child. You can learn about 165 words, and some of them have the highest IQ, can learn about 250 words. So do not be surprised when you find your dog throwing all the signs and words that you say in front of him, as he is quick to learn and works to adapt to all the social environments in which he is present. But all that the dog needs to master this is training, meaning that he teaches the matter, thing or habit more than once, and you will find it after a while to memorize all of these movements and habits easily, which saves you the burden of guiding him from time to time on a daily basis.

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Training dogs for using the bathroom Thu, 15 Oct 2020 15:44:26 +0000 It is the process of training small dogs in the bathroom and eliminating the need that requires the effort of the dog owner in order not to cause pollution at home or transmission of diseases.
Also, training small dogs in the bathroom and eliminating the need must come after providing the basic needs of the dog at home in order to feel with it that it is in a safe place and then begin the process of obedience training and then training in eliminating the need. Among the needs that must be provided:
Nutrition: Appropriate feeding must be provided to dogs. When dogs are 12 months or older, dogs need only one meal per day, or it is possible to provide two but two small meals.
And these meals should be balanced, as the dog can be fed some soup, cheese, eggs, as well as fruit in addition to canned food and vegetables, and human food can be used to feed the dog, but in small quantities so as not to cause obesity and some problems in the teeth and bones. Also, people should avoid feeding dogs with alcohol or avocado, as well as bread, in addition to drinks that contain caffeine. Also, dogs should avoid feeding garlic, grapes, onions and raisins.
Doing exercise: The dog must exercise and exercise, because the dog needs constant activity and constant movement, to help him burn calories and to keep him healthy. Exercise also helps him avoid boredom, which causes him to do many wrong behaviors, and exercise and games can meet the dog’s needs such as cutting, chewing, digging, as well as stalking.

Teaching dogs to obey:

Dogs must be taught to obey in order not to cause any problems for their owner or family members, and teaching dogs to obey need some ongoing training and care must be taken to:
Hygiene: Hygiene is necessary for the dog as he needs to shower more than 9 times a year, and the brush can also be used to comb the dog’s hair, as well as a special comb is required to clean the dog from fleas and ticks.
Provide a quiet and warm place: The person must provide his dog with a place that is warm, calm and comfortable, in addition to providing a place such as a cage intended for sleeping with blankets in order to protect it from the cold.
Providing health care: The owner of the dog must provide the necessary health care for the dog, as well as a visit to the veterinarian in order to be reassured about his condition, and to ensure that vaccinations are taken on time.
Then the individual teaches dogs to obey, by training him to sit and do as well as get out of the house and wait for his owner when going out, as well as teach him to lie down and play with him, and prevent him from biting furniture, and with these exercises the dog becomes a distinguished owner of the dog breeder.

Training small dogs to urinate:

Many people want to raise dogs at home, but the issue of dog droppings and urination at home is a big problem that prevents them from doing so, so training small dogs to urinate is the best solution, just as training small dogs to urinate is not impossible but needs patience and taking some steps :
Getting out regularly: The dog must be regularly taken out of the house, then it must be brought in again, so that the dog gets used to going out only to urinate and eliminate the need.
Feeding dogs and their relationship to urination: Regular meals for the dog must be linked to his need to urinate, as it is possible to organize the elimination of need with food, after the process of feeding the dog three hours, we take the dog out for 10 minutes.
The presence of a distinctive sign: The dog must be trained to have a distinctive sign that is used in the event that the dog wants to urinate, and from these signs he can rotate around himself. Or he wraps his tail in a different and strange way, and when the dog does these signs, the dog must be taken outside in order to satisfy his need, and it must be careful to say the word get out with full force until the dog knows that it is serious and not fun.

Teaching small dogs to enter the bathroom:

Teaching small dogs to enter the bathroom is relatively difficult for dog owners, as teaching small dogs to enter the bathroom requires great effort, because it is dealing with an animal. Cleaning on a continuous basis:
The place where the dog is serving his needs first must be cleaned with vinegar in order to eliminate the unpleasant smell of the dog’s urine, so that the dog feels that this place is not the right place to eliminate the need, as dogs eliminate the need in the same place that you smell It smells dirty.
The presence of a place to urinate: The dog should get used to the presence of a suitable place to urinate, by choosing a place far from the people so that it does not cause them harm, as well as linking the word get out of the house and stand in this place and says the word bath, and thus links between going out and the bathroom, even He knows it is the place to spend his need.
Imprisonment at night: The breeder must lock the dog at night in a cage on his own, and if he wants to urinate he urinates in his place, and this will make him feel uncomfortable, so he gets used to urinating before he is locked in the cage.

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cat’s scribble and how to treat it Wed, 14 Oct 2020 16:37:29 +0000 cat’s scribble

The cat is a pet that a lot of people are keen to raise, and although it is a cute and sweet being, the odds of the person raising it being scratched or scribbled while its caress is to be expected. In the event of a scratch from a cat on the street, you should go to the nearest hospital quickly, to take the preventive serum, but in the event of exposure to scribbling from a domestic cat, you must first identify the degree of wound caused by the cat. If the wound is recessed and strong, you should go to the hospital. If the wound is minor and shallow, there are some home remedies that can be done.

Cat Scratch Treatment

In the event of exposure to cat scratching at home, take some necessary steps to avoid infection with any of the dangerous diseases, and these procedures include the following: Washing the place of scribbling with running water and soap for half an hour continuous. In the event of a slight bloody bleeding, the wound is pressed, using a piece of cotton after being immersed in an alcohol disinfectant to get rid of any bacteria that might cause the infection. Use an antibiotic ointment on the site of scratching. In the event of continued bleeding or severe pain, refer immediately to a doctor or to the nearest hospital.

Cat Scribble Serum

This serum is a titanos syringe that is given to a person who has been exposed to a cat scratch. It is similar to an injection that is used in the event of exposure to a dog bite, to avoid catching serious diseases or catching a rabbit. Noting that there is an anti-rabies serum that a person takes once in his life, if he does not take it, he is vulnerable to rabies if he is exposed to a cat scratch or a dog or any other animal.

When is cat serum taken?

The serum of cats or dogs is taken in the event of exposure to a cat scratch or a dog bite, and the wound is deep and sunken, even if it is a domestic cat, and care must be taken to take the serum in the event of exposure to a cat scratch from the street of unknown source, to avoid the transmission of any serious diseases .

Sclerosis transmitted diseases

One of the most prominent diseases that is transmitted by the cat scrabble is a disease called “cat scrabble”, a disease that is transmitted by scribbling cats full of fleas, by bacteria called Bartonella bacteria. Where the flea carrying the disease some cat, and thus the disease is transmitted to it, where bacteria are transferred to the cat’s saliva, and then to all parts of its body, including claws, which transmit the disease to humans through scribbling.

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What do cats eat ? Wed, 14 Oct 2020 16:26:20 +0000 There is no doubt that all creatures on this earth need a fitting in order to diet can life, and strengthen the performance of its business card and health and activity, and of course this includes humans and animals alike, and there is no living being able to continue without dealing with daily quotas for some varieties the food.

Cats are considered one of the beloved domestic creatures for most people, and their shape and degree of beauty differ according to their lineage, and the American cat is short-haired, the Persian cat, the Shirazi, and the Siamese .

Due to its gentle nature and beautiful shape, it is one of the closest animals to mankind, as many people race around the world to raise cats in their homes, and to protect them in their homes. Vitn have the right food, and take care of daily unremittingly are clean, the existence of cats next to them makes them feel happy and mankind, but some people are ignorant of the nature of appropriate food for cats of all kinds, who provide them food do not cause health which suits them have problems.

Varieties of cat food available in the market

Dry food

Dry food contains many natural components that are useful for the body of cats, including grains and derivatives, meat, dairy products and fiber, and the percentage of food varies between 6 and 10%. Preserving the health of teeth and bones, and it may be desirable for many people due to its low cost, and the lack of possibility of corruption compared to that of other people. On the other hand, cats are mainly carnivorous, so the digestive system is not equipped to receive large quantities of the fibers and starches that are present in it.

Semi-moist food

In semi-moist food (in English: Semi-Moist Food), meats and their derivatives are considered the main component of such food, and the percentage of moisture in it is approximately 35%, as it is a medium dry cost It also contains chemicals for food preservation and added colors.

Canned food

In canned food, the percentage of moisture in it is 75%, [2] and it is the preferred type among cats, and the highest cost among other types, and this type is distinguished by its diversity and the possibility of greater content Of other species. And it is possible that this form of food causes some gum disease in cats.

Suitable food for cats

There are many types of foods suitable for cats, which are easy to prepare and present to them at home, including the following:

Red meat: Cats by their nature prefer to eat red meat, and it must be served cooked for them. Either grilled or baked, or boiled, alone or with sauce (gravy), and may be added little to the mashed potatoes to the percentage increase potassium in the body, and reduce urine odors emanating from them in the house, they do not mind to provide meat and the portions of fat White because cats love it first, and because the nature of building their body requires an amount of fat to be in their daily diet. However, you should avoid serving raw meat to the cat. Because eating it increases its ferocity, and it should also be noted that there are few types of cats, such as the Shirazi, which hate to eat meat, and it is not appropriate for them to eat them at all.
Liver: Many people are keen to offer the cats liver because they know how much cats love it. It is able to eat a large amount of cooked liver, in addition to that, it is an essential source of nourishing the cat with essential vitamins and minerals.
White meats: such as chicken, rabbits, and fish. Chicken meat is a favorite food for the majority of cats, if offered her cooked or grilled or clip they too enjoy taking it, as is the white meat source cats supply of calcium needed to build her body, as well as the fish provide them with many nutritional elements such as phosphorus bombs, proteins, and vitamins.
Dairy products: Cheese and milk are the most important foods suitable for cats. As cheese supplies them with calcium, fats and proteins, as well as milk is suitable food for cats in the first months of their life.
Spinach: it is a source of many vitamins, such as vitamin A, K, and C, and it is rich in iron and calcium minerals, just as spinach works to protect the lining of the digestive system from the damage caused by the urinary system, so the presence of the urinary system is caused by inflammation. , He should avoid feeding him.
Eggs: eggs are a good source of protein and B vitamins, and they should be served cooked for the cat.

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