How to Compete in Dock Diving Step-By-Step


Are you ready to splash? Do you want to dive? Dogs is the ideal sport for dogs who love water and is thrilling, fun, and simple to master. There are a temperate basic rules according to follow:

Throw your dog’s favorite toy into a water pool while you wait on a dock that is about forty feet in length.

If you command him On your command, he sprints along the dock, launches himself off the dock’s end then lands in the water, and then grasps his toy.

The objective? To make the highest jump feasible.

As with many dog sport, all dogs, even mixed breeds (6 months and over) can participate at Diving Dogs (other than females during the season.) Titles won by participating in North America Diving Dogs (NADD) are acknowledged as such by The American Kennel Club. To apply, you must fill out your Title Application.

Diving Dogs is a game that involves two distinct disciplines:

Distance Jumping: Dogs are competing for the longest distance

The Air Retrieve is when dogs race to knock down a bumper on an apparatus to the furthest distance

Being a part of Diving Dogs for the first time is thrilling and enjoyable But what are the rules? The action is so fast that it’s difficult to know who’s winning and why. We’re here to dissect the game that is Diving Dogs.

What Dogs Can Participate in Dock Diving?

All dogs that are six months old or older are permitted to participate within the discipline of Diving Dogs aside from females in the season. The sport is accessible to all breeds, including Chihuahuas and Cane Corsos to mixed breeds.

What Makes Up a Dock Diving Team?

Contrary to Flyball which is a team sport in which four dogs are in the same group, Diving Dog groups are composed of one handler and dog. Some teams choose to include an additional handler to control the dog. The handler can employ a couple of toys to encourage the dog to leap into the water.

How Big is the Pool then Dock between Diving Dogs?

Although swimming around in the swimming pool or the lake at home is a great way to exercise Dogs shouldn’t be able to dive into any pool for competition. A diving dock has to be at a minimum of 40 feet in length in length and 7.5 feet in width. The pool should be at minimum 41 feet long and 21 feet wide.

How to Compete in Distance Jumping?

Distance jumping is a sport where a dog simply scored based on the distance they jump to the surface of the ocean. Distance is determined from the top of the dock up to the bottom of the dog’s tail at the point that it breaks the water.

How to Compete in Air Retrieve?

For air retrieval, canines are required to leap for a bumper which is located at the center of the deck’s length 2 feet higher than the dock. The objective is to get the dog to either take or eliminate the bumper from the device. Each dog gets two times to smash the bumper for every distance. The dog who knocks down the bumper from the furthest distance wins.

Divisions and Classes

Five distance Divisions

1. Novice

2. Junior

3. Senior

4. Master

5. Elite.

Two Placement Classes:

1. Open (16″‘ high and above)

2. Lap (under 16” tall)

The Veterans program is only for dog breeds who are more than 8 years old.

How Do I Earn Titles?

One qualifying score Jump per Splash or Air Retrieve entry is counted towards NADD Titles as well as AKC Titles when you have registered your pet with AKC.

How Do I Get Started in Diving Dogs?

If watching dogs splash around in the water and you’re thinking your dog would be the perfect match for this sport, odds are that you’re right! This activity is perfect for active, water-loving dogs.

There are several instructional videos available. AKC and NADD offer several instructional videos that can help you begin the training process in Diving Dogs. It is also possible to contact clubs close to you to determine who that you can train with. An excellent way to understand the sport is to go through the NADD Rulebook.

If Diving Dogs isn’t the right choice for you there are plenty of dog-friendly spots for dogs of any age and level.

Find yet Join a Local Dog Dock Diving Club

Although you’ll be able to actually train on your own, it’s best to seek out and be part of an area dock diving club. they’re going to assist you to learn all the ins and outs of the game as you navigate through the steps. thereupon support, you’ll be able to with confidence move forward, knowing that this activity is correct for each of you and your dog.

The best thanks to realizing these teams are thru kennel clubs, dog breed clubs, and dock diving organizations. Asking your trustworthy vet, trainer, and groomer may also purpose you in the right direction. I saw concerning dock diving through social media teams.

From there, I searched online and located DockDogs, which maintains a listing of dock diving clubs situated worldwide. you simply clock in your postcode, and that they can quote the teams nearest to you. Since most clubs meet a minimum of weekly, you’ll need to hitch the nighest one to your home.

If you’re not able to be part of a club and wish to venture out on your own, inspect the power list from North America Dock Dogs, or NADD. they provide a glance at the least bit the official follow docks to be used within u.  s. and North American nation. As you employ those docks, you’ll run into different enthusiasts World Health Organization will assist you to move on in your coaching.

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