It is preferable to buy a puppy dog from the age of two months to three months until the character and its system are recognized because the adult dog will not have the ability to tame it or learn about his style and lifestyle. Therefore, it is preferable to buy a puppy and distance from large dogs, which will not allow the presence of the Owner of it.

Types of small dogs

Their beauty and softness characterize small breeds and types of dogs as many people want to raise them, especially girls due to the ease of raising it, and therefore the puppy or small dog is any dog ​​whose average weight is less than 10 kg, and its body height is less than 45 cm. One of the most popular types and breeds of small dogs is the Mexican Chihuahua is a dog that is highly intelligent and fierce, as there is a type of Icelandic dogs called Pomeranian due to the significant similarity between it and his owl, which is a very loving pet that loves to play and move and is never afraid. There is a type of dog called beige, which is one of the ancient breeds, and we find another kind called Shih Tzu, which is characterized by its soft fur, and it loves pampering, attention, and care. This type also loves to play and play and that his hair is brushed.

The beginning of the dog at home

The puppy is very similar to the little boy, as he needs great tenderness, kindness, and intense love at first. The dog will be terrified because he is in a strange place among strangers, but after about a quarter to half an hour has passed, we will find him starting to move around and cursing at a thing. The puppy will begin sniffing all the private chairs and furnishings in the room where you are located. You should not let an amateur except to make him discover with all comfort the place, even if this place is not his place of residence and stability.

Puppy Food & Drink

He should not be given food or water as soon as he arrives, but he must get used to it. His dread will be broken and then start playing with you, therefore, after about an hour after he arrives at your home, food will be served to him, making sure to place the food in the place of his housing, but the time for eating his food he eats about four times a day and makes simple meals because he is still young.
It is preferable not to overburden the puppy in play and frequent movement because it resembles a small child and therefore must remain in his house and that this hostel contains good lighting with proper ventilation and does not have moisture, as the place must be resident on an old walkway and under a piece of cardboard so that it does not He sleeps on the tiles.
A container must be placed for him to have water and be clean water with this water changing during one day from four to six times and throughout the day you will find the puppy howling and making sounds and may continue for several hours in a row, must not respond to it or issue any position towards it but rather must Quit it all together. Those consecutive screams will last for three to four days.

Ways to care for a puppy.

Dogs must be vaccinated immediately after raising them, i.e. bathing them, and then they are given a vaccination against insects, worse or not. The vaccination is in the form of injections that are sprayed on the back and neck and are anti-insects and fleas. As for worms, we find tablets and drinking that are taken daily for a week every month Even protecting him from diseases caused by worms. It is given injections, medications and spraying through a veterinarian or in a pharmacy with a department dedicated to animal welfare, you can know whether or not there are insects in your dog’s body by bathing him with shampoo while drying his body with the towel designated for him and searching in his hair and ear and between his fingers and under his armpit.