Hypoallergenic Pets (Cats and Dogs)

What is a hypoallergenic pet?

Hypoallergenic cats and dogs are animals that produce less allergens. “Hypo” really means less than. There is no such thing as a pet that produces NO allergens. If you love pets what are your options?

There are several breeds of cats and dogs that are known to produce less or give off less allergens. There variations can be anything from the type of fur, having no fur, or the amount of allergens are present in the fur or saliva of a pet. Having a cat or dog that does not have any fur does not suggest they are allergen free. They still produce allergens even though they might produce less.

Am I allergic?

How do you find out if you are actually allergic to a cat or a dog? There are a few ways to determine this. The very best and most accurate way to determine if you are allergic is to get an allergy test at your doctors. This is the best way to know because being around the animal is not enough evidence to suggest that is what causes your reactions. For about 50% of people, it usually takes about 2 weeks for any symptoms or reactions to occur.

What can you do to lessen the allergens in your home?

There are several things you can actually do to lessen the allergens in your home. One of the most overlooked things would be things like washing your pets toys and bedding. These objects can house lots of allergens as the pets are around them a lot. They can also cause the allergens to spread around your home when your pet plays with them.

Grooming is also another effective way to be able to lessen the allergens on the pet. Making sure that the pet is groomed and bathed on a regular basis significantly reduces the allergens spread around your home.

Anything I can take to lessen the effects?

There are also a few options if you want to take something to lessen your allergic reactions. One of these options is widely available and another one is in development.

You can take allergy medication to eliminate or reduce the symptoms. The most popular allergy medication you can obtain is Benedyl, and Claritin. There have been proven to work well but there are other brands that might work just as well.

A vaccine is also in development. McMaster university is believed to have developed a vaccine to completely eliminate your allergies to pets. Although there is a vaccine, it will not be available until about 2014.

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