Information about dogs that have been fed, trained and breeded:

The reward, which is one of the important things in training dogs and that is granted to them immediately after responding to orders, it is not necessary to give the reward to dogs without reason, so that the dog cares to implement the orders in the right way and be an incentive for him.
Attention should be paid to regular exercise for the dog, such as jumping, running, and dribbling, as well as exercises for sitting, lying down, executing orders, etc. without prejudice or default at regular intervals.
These exercises and exercises help the dog to extract the pent-up energy that is in it and also so that the dog does not become obese and inactive. It should be taken into consideration that the dog’s instructions and instructions are not inconsistent, so if we set a rule for the dog to actually implement and adhere to it and do not underestimate the dog’s violation of the orders and ignore it, it is not recommended to offer a lot of kindness to ferocious dogs, and also it is not allowed to come in contact with or foreplay or feed fierce dogs from strangers and it is preferable to deal With it except from its owner only so that it does not get used to strangers and its leader is only its owner. Teaching the dog ferocity or attack begins from the fourth month and a language of dialogue must be created between the dog and the breeder and each command has a reference to a specific word like “attack, sit, come, etc.” The trainer is all the time that the dog is obedient to orders and that he controls it completely, until the dog has reached the fierce stage does not attack the trainer and obey his orders.

The most important exercises that the dog should train:

Sit on the seat:

It came within the lessons of information about dogs, feeding, training and breeding that the dog is trained to sit the dog on the seat without a chain in a vertical position and look forward without movement when asked to sit and only move with the command

Teaching the dog to sleep firmly on the ground:

It is a relaxing mode and within the lessons information about dogs fed, trained and breeded, in which the dog is stretched and its hind legs extend forward and backward in a relaxing position also in the sense that the entire body in the abdomen is on the ground

The dog’s response when he hears his name and calls on him:

This training is considered one of the most important exercises in which success is the greatest measure of the skill of training for the dog, as the breeder once he peer on the dog responds to the call and leaves what he occupies and complies with the orders, and this is an important lesson of training to comply with the orders.

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