About Pitbull Kennel:

The origins of the pitbulls go back to the group of fighter dogs since the nineteenth century known as the “Molousus”, which was crossed over time with the “Trier” dogs, until the pitbull appeared. Pitbulls are among the fiercest of all dogs, known to be aggressive, aggressive and powerful. Very faithful to the owner and rarely attack him, but individual crosses may occur when dogs are beaten.
Pitbull dogs are a hybrid of several dogs, the purpose of which was to obtain a dog with high strength, ferocity, and attack. Initially, the purpose of the crossbreeding and use of this dog was hunting of livestock, but was later used in fierce fighting matches organized for dogs, and it is known in these matches for its superior ability to fight and for the longest time without surrender even if this leads to his death in the end.
It has the advantage of being fierce with all other dog species due to its fighting origins. They are also very strong and smart animals and can be used in various other sports. Due to the ferocity and aggression of this type of dog, its entry is prohibited in some countries, which leads to insurance rates and the difficulty of renting these dogs. The American Veterinary Association opposed these decisions against the entry of this strain. To some countries, she indicated that there is no evidence of dog attacks for humans.

Physical features of Pitbull dogs:

Although the pitbull is classified as one of the strongest and fiercest dogs, it is short in length, ranging in length from 66 to 71 cm. Its weight does not exceed 50 kg. The morphological features differ from one country to another according to the variation of the crossbreeding strain, which was intended for strength and ferocity regardless of color or shape. There are pitbull dogs in several colors, including “black, white with brown or black spots, brown”.
The Pitbull has a muscular body, strong head, and short skin. This strain has the advantage of having a very strong jaw grip compared to other species, and this grip enables it to seize prey or anything strong. The behavior of the pitbull dog, known to be a friend and loyal to its owner, is unpredictable, but it may turn against it if it tries to harm it. The Pitbull strain is known to be able to withstand pain, and its response to it is minimal in times of attack or struggle. The Pitbull dog is afraid and afraid of rain and cold weather.