It is the process of training small dogs in the bathroom and eliminating the need that requires the effort of the dog owner in order not to cause pollution at home or transmission of diseases.
Also, training small dogs in the bathroom and eliminating the need must come after providing the basic needs of the dog at home in order to feel with it that it is in a safe place and then begin the process of obedience training and then training in eliminating the need. Among the needs that must be provided:
Nutrition: Appropriate feeding must be provided to dogs. When dogs are 12 months or older, dogs need only one meal per day, or it is possible to provide two but two small meals.
And these meals should be balanced, as the dog can be fed some soup, cheese, eggs, as well as fruit in addition to canned food and vegetables, and human food can be used to feed the dog, but in small quantities so as not to cause obesity and some problems in the teeth and bones. Also, people should avoid feeding dogs with alcohol or avocado, as well as bread, in addition to drinks that contain caffeine. Also, dogs should avoid feeding garlic, grapes, onions and raisins.
Doing exercise: The dog must exercise and exercise, because the dog needs constant activity and constant movement, to help him burn calories and to keep him healthy. Exercise also helps him avoid boredom, which causes him to do many wrong behaviors, and exercise and games can meet the dog’s needs such as cutting, chewing, digging, as well as stalking.

Teaching dogs to obey:

Dogs must be taught to obey in order not to cause any problems for their owner or family members, and teaching dogs to obey need some ongoing training and care must be taken to:
Hygiene: Hygiene is necessary for the dog as he needs to shower more than 9 times a year, and the brush can also be used to comb the dog’s hair, as well as a special comb is required to clean the dog from fleas and ticks.
Provide a quiet and warm place: The person must provide his dog with a place that is warm, calm and comfortable, in addition to providing a place such as a cage intended for sleeping with blankets in order to protect it from the cold.
Providing health care: The owner of the dog must provide the necessary health care for the dog, as well as a visit to the veterinarian in order to be reassured about his condition, and to ensure that vaccinations are taken on time.
Then the individual teaches dogs to obey, by training him to sit and do as well as get out of the house and wait for his owner when going out, as well as teach him to lie down and play with him, and prevent him from biting furniture, and with these exercises the dog becomes a distinguished owner of the dog breeder.

Training small dogs to urinate:

Many people want to raise dogs at home, but the issue of dog droppings and urination at home is a big problem that prevents them from doing so, so training small dogs to urinate is the best solution, just as training small dogs to urinate is not impossible but needs patience and taking some steps :
Getting out regularly: The dog must be regularly taken out of the house, then it must be brought in again, so that the dog gets used to going out only to urinate and eliminate the need.
Feeding dogs and their relationship to urination: Regular meals for the dog must be linked to his need to urinate, as it is possible to organize the elimination of need with food, after the process of feeding the dog three hours, we take the dog out for 10 minutes.
The presence of a distinctive sign: The dog must be trained to have a distinctive sign that is used in the event that the dog wants to urinate, and from these signs he can rotate around himself. Or he wraps his tail in a different and strange way, and when the dog does these signs, the dog must be taken outside in order to satisfy his need, and it must be careful to say the word get out with full force until the dog knows that it is serious and not fun.

Teaching small dogs to enter the bathroom:

Teaching small dogs to enter the bathroom is relatively difficult for dog owners, as teaching small dogs to enter the bathroom requires great effort, because it is dealing with an animal. Cleaning on a continuous basis:
The place where the dog is serving his needs first must be cleaned with vinegar in order to eliminate the unpleasant smell of the dog’s urine, so that the dog feels that this place is not the right place to eliminate the need, as dogs eliminate the need in the same place that you smell It smells dirty.
The presence of a place to urinate: The dog should get used to the presence of a suitable place to urinate, by choosing a place far from the people so that it does not cause them harm, as well as linking the word get out of the house and stand in this place and says the word bath, and thus links between going out and the bathroom, even He knows it is the place to spend his need.
Imprisonment at night: The breeder must lock the dog at night in a cage on his own, and if he wants to urinate he urinates in his place, and this will make him feel uncomfortable, so he gets used to urinating before he is locked in the cage.

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