Training Games to Make Your Dog Smarter


There are a variety of goals when you are training your dog. But, beyond the obvious ability and relationship developing aspects of training, the other benefit is that it pushes your dog to its limits and ultimately helps them become more intelligent. Who says that it won’t be enjoyable?

Beyond the basic obedience classes, There are a lot of dog games that are fun and dog toys that will stimulate your brain as well as entertaining you as well! Find out more about various games and games which will be beneficial to your dog.

Teach Your Dog to Make Eye Contact

Train your dog to show eye contact. Place a treat on your forehead or near your eyes and request your dog to gaze at you. Gradually reduce the amount of food you are feeding to make use of a hand signal or an instruction verbally to get your dog to gaze at you. This basic method helps you keep focus from your dog when not paying attention and looking at you, but it also causes the release of oxytocin both in you as well as your dog. Oxytocin is the hormone that promotes the connection between child and parent. Scientists refer to these as eye hugs.

Switch Up Your Dog Walking Routine

If you need to be sure that you’re getting your dog’s complete focus, every day you need to change your routine. One way to accomplish this is by altering the path you normally take when walking your dog. It is possible to start by walking in a different direction or taking a left turn when you usually take the right turn, but you can be able to try something completely different to push her further.

Experimenting with new smells, sights, and sounds could make them tense So, you must ensure that they’re paying attention to you and following your instructions. Be sure that before you expose your dog to a new area for walking that it’s safe for both of you.

Hot & Cold Game

Hot & Cold and the Hot & Cold recreation employs verbal verbal exchange then vocal note to aid thy dog to discover a sting then toy. You can hide a treat if your dog isn’t searching. Use a calm tone to make it colder for dogs when they move away from the treat. Utilize a more enthusiastic tone to indicate hotter as your dog moves closer to the treat. This game helps improve your ability to listen. It also aids in developing the distinctive language shared by you as well as your dog.

Snuffle Mat

Do you need a method to get your dog interested? A snuffle mat is a great item for curious dogs. This big multi-faceted nose work mat will provide endless hours of stimulation for your dog’s mind and entertainment for your pet.

Teach Your Dog to Solve a Problem

Allow your dog to find out how to pull the string to receive the reward. Attach a small or a ribbon rope around a treat and place it in an unassuming piece of furniture. It should be placed away enough from the surface that they are unable to reach the treat through their mouths or paws. Instruct your dog to explore and observe how long it takes him to tug at the rope to take the treat. Skills for reasoning are vital for puppies in development and older dogs too. Problem-solving that is successful is an excellent confidence boost.

DIY Interactive Treat Game for Dogs

Utilize plastic storage containers that can be nested inside each other and are of the same size or those that change from big to smaller. Place a snack in the bottom container, and put the second one over it. Continue layering the treats and containers. Add a treat to the top container that is open to start your dog off. Make sure you keep an eye on the dog so that your dog doesn’t try to consume the plastic containers. You can increase the levels to make it more difficult with the addition of more containers when your dog is figuring out each step.

Put Dog Treats in a Plastic Bottle

For this game, make use of soda bottles made of plastic along with a rod of metal and a base made of wood to make a bottle of treats. Place three soda bottles on the rod made of metal and then secure them on the wooden base. Place treats inside two bottles and observes your dog trying to remove the treats from the bottles.

DIY Dog Agility Course

It’s not just an exercise for the mind of your pet, but also physically too! It is easy to create an obstacle course from everyday household items or purchase an inexpensive set for dog agility on the internet. Set your dining room chairs and let your dog weave around them, or put up a mop or broom to let them leap over. Your dog will follow the instructions you give them to navigate the course however they’ll have so much fun, they won’t even be aware of the fact that you’re training them!

If your dog excelling with this, then you should think about getting them involved in agility.

Play Hide and Seek With Your Dog

It’s not just a kids’ game! It’s a thrilling game to have with your dog and you are your ultimate prize. Request your dog to sit and remain, while you work on choosing the best hiding spot. Once you’re prepared, you can invite your dog to come over and discover you. Because the sense of smell dogs possess is quite amazing and they can smell anything, it shouldn’t take time for them to locate you. Give them a reward when they find that you’re there. In time, you’ll be able to choose more difficult places to hide in so that they must work harder to discover exactly where you are.

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