There is no doubt that all creatures on this earth need a fitting in order to diet can life, and strengthen the performance of its business card and health and activity, and of course this includes humans and animals alike, and there is no living being able to continue without dealing with daily quotas for some varieties the food.

Cats are considered one of the beloved domestic creatures for most people, and their shape and degree of beauty differ according to their lineage, and the American cat is short-haired, the Persian cat, the Shirazi, and the Siamese .

Due to its gentle nature and beautiful shape, it is one of the closest animals to mankind, as many people race around the world to raise cats in their homes, and to protect them in their homes. Vitn have the right food, and take care of daily unremittingly are clean, the existence of cats next to them makes them feel happy and mankind, but some people are ignorant of the nature of appropriate food for cats of all kinds, who provide them food do not cause health which suits them have problems.

Varieties of cat food available in the market

Dry food

Dry food contains many natural components that are useful for the body of cats, including grains and derivatives, meat, dairy products and fiber, and the percentage of food varies between 6 and 10%. Preserving the health of teeth and bones, and it may be desirable for many people due to its low cost, and the lack of possibility of corruption compared to that of other people. On the other hand, cats are mainly carnivorous, so the digestive system is not equipped to receive large quantities of the fibers and starches that are present in it.

Semi-moist food

In semi-moist food (in English: Semi-Moist Food), meats and their derivatives are considered the main component of such food, and the percentage of moisture in it is approximately 35%, as it is a medium dry cost It also contains chemicals for food preservation and added colors.

Canned food

In canned food, the percentage of moisture in it is 75%, [2] and it is the preferred type among cats, and the highest cost among other types, and this type is distinguished by its diversity and the possibility of greater content Of other species. And it is possible that this form of food causes some gum disease in cats.

Suitable food for cats

There are many types of foods suitable for cats, which are easy to prepare and present to them at home, including the following:

Red meat: Cats by their nature prefer to eat red meat, and it must be served cooked for them. Either grilled or baked, or boiled, alone or with sauce (gravy), and may be added little to the mashed potatoes to the percentage increase potassium in the body, and reduce urine odors emanating from them in the house, they do not mind to provide meat and the portions of fat White because cats love it first, and because the nature of building their body requires an amount of fat to be in their daily diet. However, you should avoid serving raw meat to the cat. Because eating it increases its ferocity, and it should also be noted that there are few types of cats, such as the Shirazi, which hate to eat meat, and it is not appropriate for them to eat them at all.
Liver: Many people are keen to offer the cats liver because they know how much cats love it. It is able to eat a large amount of cooked liver, in addition to that, it is an essential source of nourishing the cat with essential vitamins and minerals.
White meats: such as chicken, rabbits, and fish. Chicken meat is a favorite food for the majority of cats, if offered her cooked or grilled or clip they too enjoy taking it, as is the white meat source cats supply of calcium needed to build her body, as well as the fish provide them with many nutritional elements such as phosphorus bombs, proteins, and vitamins.
Dairy products: Cheese and milk are the most important foods suitable for cats. As cheese supplies them with calcium, fats and proteins, as well as milk is suitable food for cats in the first months of their life.
Spinach: it is a source of many vitamins, such as vitamin A, K, and C, and it is rich in iron and calcium minerals, just as spinach works to protect the lining of the digestive system from the damage caused by the urinary system, so the presence of the urinary system is caused by inflammation. , He should avoid feeding him.
Eggs: eggs are a good source of protein and B vitamins, and they should be served cooked for the cat.

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