Food sold in supermarkets and dog and cat food stores:

Many dog breeders seek to buy this kind of food, which is sold in bags and is considered less in price than other dog foods, so it is preferred by the breeder, and also has the advantage that it can be kept for long periods, and this type also has the advantage of being easy to chew and thus keeps the dog’s teeth because The deposits that form around the dog’s teeth that are harmful to its health are not preferred, and it is preferable to read the instructions on the package to know whether they are suitable or not, as well as the expiry date of the product and store it at any temperature if we keep it for long periods.

Canned liquid, wet and non-dry food:

This type is also sold in animal stores or in supermarkets, shops and groceries, but it is the opposite of dry food because it is very expensive, and there are many types of it, but it does not contain the necessary protein that the dog needs and contains a high percentage of water and a high percentage Water is at the expense of other foodstuffs, so food enters the dog’s intestine and goes out with little benefit, and therefore the dog eats more than it does, but this type has the advantage that its shelf life is large, and therefore the breeder prefers it at travel times in places where food for the dog is not available.

Meat-like foods:

It is also sold in large commercial stores and it is similar in form to cut meat or burger discs, but of course it is added to manufactured materials and different flavors in order to give it a distinctive taste, but it does not depend on it to feed dogs consistently as it is considered a recreational meal for the dog such as the reward for example and not for permanent and sound feeding .

Fresh and raw uncooked food:

This food is one of the foods that are brought at home and mostly it is fresh raw meat and because the intestines of dogs are relatively short and contain strong acids that can digest this quality so it is considered one of the favorite foods this in addition to the fact that the bones and flesh are very useful for dogs that are a rich source of phosphorus And calcium, and also this food is useful for all types of dogs and is not limited to a specific type.